Daily perspectives of a healthcare executive.

Scott Kashman, FACHEDaily perspectives of a healthcare executive in pursuit of patient safety, the premier healthcare experience, an engaged & healthy workforce and life balance.

Healthcare is constantly evolving.  It includes much more than than hospitals.  Hospitals typically include thousands of employees, volunteers and physicians.  They have to collaborate with their community, referral sources, post acute care settings, suppliers and other supporting companies.  The list is very extensive and keeps growing.

The coordination of care helps shape our experiences in healthcare.  Healthcare is about how we take care of ourselves and one another.  One thing for sure, we need to collaborate and work together to create the healthcare experience.  Hence, the name of my blog is simply entitled, The Healthcare Experience.

Ultimately, I'm pushing to reach our fullest potential in health, wellness and healthcare delivery. When people speak to being the top 10%, 5% or even the top one, do we know what that looks like? This blog will serve as just one forum to challenge us to reach our fullest potential and continuously improve upon our current foundation.  

It's all about continuously improving and "Training for Life!"

My background in healthcare started in the late 1980s as a patient counselor.  Soon, my career moved into healthcare management where I've held healthcare executive roles in several healthcare systems.  I am a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer.  The book, Mindful Healthcare: Healthy Team, Healthy Business, was published with my co-author, Joan Odorizzi, RN.

Over the years, my role has allowed me focus on the safe delivery of care and the health of our communities.  The healthcare challenges and opportunities are unlimited and exciting.  It is a great time to be in healthcare…we all have the ability to influence and truly make a difference in the health of our communities.

My blog will speak to my perspective on The Healthcare Experience.  I also look forward to hearing and sharing your perspectives and experiences.  Ready to share and learn from each other?

Game On!